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The Wandering Merchant

A path that I walk
One only for each day
It must cross all others
Sync for a lifetime
Be there for everything
Breathing heavy air
For when I do run
I do it with my all
Only in that moment
Finding peace in mind
Like I´m existing again
Pain and exhaustion
Just on my own terms
A will carving mountains
Replacing them with roads
Makes more wonders than whips
For when I´m truly in pain
I likely cease to exist
Doing nothing that matters
Life is much like a bargain
Which rules to live under
Be your own merchant
For when its your terms
It will all make sense
The willpower of a god
To create new ways
Being human after all
Amongst others you are
A walker living the life

*Image by pictishscout deviantart


A walk in the rain
Is not always in vain
It reminds you the world is cold and cruel
And it´s not only a walk in the park…
Giving you hope for better times ahead
Spoiling you on how good life usually can be
In a warm sofa watching boring commercials on tv
Wake up from the stupid alarm in a warm bed
That it´s literally natural to cry
Rain is beautiful and gives you rainbows
So if you cry really hard you might get rainbows and probably a hug…
Cheer up really
Sorrow rains so happiness can grow and bestow!

Terrace of Clouds


I sat me down a chair
Dreamed away the sun
Found my inner peace
Claimed a distant dream
One about the heavens
I was in one of sevens
I spread the heat in air
The wind in peoples hair
Smell of thousand flowers
The water in all showers
Forgiving taste of food
The marble which you stood
I was the many colors
The nearly endless corridors
I were everything except of her
A dream reality couldn’t transfer
The clucking high heels
Stirring eyes she steals
Sun covered in a cloud
Woke up in its sudden shroud
Shroud of a nice blond girl
Who’s hair swung in a whirl
I gave her my salute
Answered by a smile so cute…

The Custody of a Werewolf

I had the sight of a moonlight burst
Coming like an astronomical shrapnel
Leaving me with cold chills to the barebone
As if every cell in my body responsed

Breathless I looked up on the cold blue
A snaring wind stole me on a tear
It seemed so distant and harmless
But a creepy feeling crawled upon me

Deja vu of those crazy dreams Ive had
Terrified by myself what was that I feelt
I were icecold and the skin became darker
Not to mention pain like being ripped apart

The skin burned and cramps controlled my body
Suffering shot me like lightning storms
Every piece of myself broke in a clash
For the sake of my new form suffocating

As subconciousness catched up out of terms
If only for a moment I could still feel it
Like an adrenaline rush and a bloodsmell from afar
My body howled so ferocious in its bloodthirst

Gripping on earth and dashing away recklessly
Took a bird on a bite and a spew of feathers
Snorting… seeking and running thoroughly
The malice upon finding a victim so precious


Part 2