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Livets ros

Bliv älskad varde du kärlighet
Bör som fröet tryggheten gro
Helgat vår rosens röda lyster
Främjad av brisens tjusande dans
Skönjas här dofternas ljuvliga storm
Korad med solens strålande ljus
I skygghet vilar skuggornas vals
Gagnad med himlavalvets närvaro
Därom grönskans lekfulla glans
Havets vågor som frälsar till ro
Sålunda värmens svepande famn
Likt träden en knarrens rysning
Stjärnor tindras i bergens toppar
Vindarna viskar ett sagolands rike
Unna dig livets gåvorika blomma

Grief the way you are

They who says you suck

Days you’re out of luck

Dance the sadly rain

Fountain of dirty pain

Living the corners street

Passing with turning feet

Choosly nothing of all the things 

Hear what a most heartless sings

An echo of emptiness stalls

As the hatred night it falls

Nor the fate to reach a hand

In the shadows yet I stand

God bless for the devil I meet

The darkness I mustly beat

Soul Vicinity

Subtract a nail for a toe
See it bleed, so it does
Hit a wall to the knuckle
Feel a pain, as it will
Imagination to expose
Out of necessity, done be done
Precaution my friend of a while
Son might have feelings hurt
In mind as in physical world
Let it bleed, let it hurt
It rants to law the limits
Figure under shadows recoil
A black tail becomes thinking
Mentality rules any condition
Gamble mind to lead action
Awareness perceive upon soul
Leave some rest to all beliefs
Sun shines on the next day
Glistering waves at seas
Feeding lives as it´s child’s
A light of warm embracing hope
One collateral to existence
Welcoming a little journey
Share it to the world around
The one and only truth there is
You yourself as one becomes

The Wandering Merchant

A path that I walk
One only for each day
It must cross all others
Sync for a lifetime
Be there for everything
Breathing heavy air
For when I do run
I do it with my all
Only in that moment
Finding peace in mind
Like I´m existing again
Pain and exhaustion
Just on my own terms
A will carving mountains
Replacing them with roads
Makes more wonders than whips
For when I´m truly in pain
I likely cease to exist
Doing nothing that matters
Life is much like a bargain
Which rules to live under
Be your own merchant
For when its your terms
It will all make sense
The willpower of a god
To create new ways
Being human after all
Amongst others you are
A walker living the life

*Image by pictishscout deviantart


A walk in the rain
Is not always in vain
It reminds you the world is cold and cruel
And it´s not only a walk in the park…
Giving you hope for better times ahead
Spoiling you on how good life usually can be
In a warm sofa watching boring commercials on tv
Wake up from the stupid alarm in a warm bed
That it´s literally natural to cry
Rain is beautiful and gives you rainbows
So if you cry really hard you might get rainbows and probably a hug…
Cheer up really
Sorrow rains so happiness can grow and bestow!

The Custody of a Werewolf part 2

Link to part 1

One leap followed by another
A most glorious beast in the night
The silver gray hair became soaking wet
As rain whipped down with a biting force

Taunted by a distant smell of flesh
Grew a desperate murderous hunger
The inevitable instincts imprisoned me
Claws dug deeper in the mud for every step
With a taste of fear in the air
Dirt was sent blistering around in a quick stop             
The nose was triggered by scents nearby
Ears framed the direction and the hunt quickly escalated

Shortly on… a horse had its spine squeezed out in a most hollow squeak
A terrible bite punctured the throat and stole it’s breath
Forced through bones and ripped out the yet beating heart
Blood kept pumping out within the crushing jaws

The red oozed out freshly on the ground
A lightning swallowed everything
with a sudden glow
Rain cleaned and exposed the white collarbones like a smile in the dark
And a joyful howl faded in the valley…