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Hemisphere of love and memories

My hearts hemisphere
You are along me there
Warm and safe forever
Most eternal memory ever
Etched in hearts of mountains
With the tears from fountains
Hear as tho I miss you mostly
I will still have you closely
Frozen in your every embrace
Such as your elderly grace
Going on another path from living
Many beating hearts you were giving
So let them be watched over now
Until next time grand mother… ciao!

The Sun

The sun reminds me of you
A star in sight yet far away
It hurts to look at your beauty
You give me warmth and make me alive
Melt me like ice with just your sign
I could build a spaceship just to reach you
I could die just to give you a hug
You should know you don’t have to be alone
There is an infinity of space for us
You are the only sun in my universe


In sudden I appear
But not as one to fear
I’m a thought that you hear
A conscious of a dear
What I crush brings tear
A pillowed heart so near
One heavy burden to bear
But in times also cheer
Just to think it’s so clear
I’m the love that you wear


I and I alone
Once so sad
Now a happy clone

You and I together
So strangely cheerful
Like sun in all bad weather

Take my hand or borrow
Look into my eyes
Let’s wash away all sorrow

I’m yet just a mad sinner
Just shoot and kill me
And everyone’s a winner

I’ve had a dream
Of wonderful things
I dared not to deem

Am I not man enough
As in the darkness
Few are very tough

Got rather praised
In the cozy midnight
As the cold blue raised

I knew I would fall asleep
Dream about you my sweet
Waking up with a smile so deep 🙂