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Hemisphere of love and memories

My hearts hemisphere
You are along me there
Warm and safe forever
Most eternal memory ever
Etched in hearts of mountains
With the tears from fountains
Hear as tho I miss you mostly
I will still have you closely
Frozen in your every embrace
Such as your elderly grace
Going on another path from living
Many beating hearts you were giving
So let them be watched over now
Until next time grand mother… ciao!

A Lost Piece

broken heart

As wishen me free
So glisten will be

Far heaven as blue
Were leaven in due

Not grown to brace
Will moan the space

Has lost a piece
The cost it lease

Shall drift in dreams
Too swift it seems

Enriched Quantum

Hear them whispers what em says
Both at nights and shiny days
Mind you all its ways
It ain’t forever we stays

Remain on those feets
Wander the many streets
For each mile have a smile
At every wall blow it all

Shan´t  judge heaven to hell
As not pleasing you well
For thy time comes
A world one becomes

Since thus have it matter
Keep it safe not to shatter
Being solid for beating
Until having us meeting

Painting by: Iluvrocks on deviantART