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Grief the way you are

They who says you suck

Days you’re out of luck

Dance the sadly rain

Fountain of dirty pain

Living the corners street

Passing with turning feet

Choosly nothing of all the things 

Hear what a most heartless sings

An echo of emptiness stalls

As the hatred night it falls

Nor the fate to reach a hand

In the shadows yet I stand

God bless for the devil I meet

The darkness I mustly beat

My mind a words piñata

Within a river reflects the sky
Along green grass so widely high
Dancing flowers close nearby
Sings a lonely birdly cry

Trees are whisping this to thee
How grown an ego human be
Using much like honey bee
Not a hint of wisdom see

Pale a moon o’ breezy night
Beauty peaceful heaven sight
Granting earth light at night
A yet so greedy human fight

Tardly hours every day
As far as bad n’ weirdly say
Bringing damned as it may
A graspy thought mildly play

Stone shivers walking feets
A strongest kind of all the streets
High of friction to all it meets
Yet so fearless thrown by peeps

Beaten deaf by all the bass
As a life built in glass
Everyday such crushed mass
Torn by all the tools it has

Moments never passly by
Nor the world around to fly
Darn so strong and barely cry
Sings a lonely birdly lie



The life beyond
Not far away
A destiny seeks
Time is a thief
Warm in heart
Cold on skin
Nobody see
Within thee

Upon each day
Hides a heart
Don’t steal all
Time have mercy
Let us out
Set us free
Have us forever!


Just had to write something about this great picture I took a while ago at a Zoo!


Angels white from what despite
Devils red from what they fed
Heaven blue unlike the true
Stars shiny yet so tiny

Hatred grows within bestows
Anger greeds for sickly deeds
Love reeks the heart it seeks
Fun believes it all achieves

Later think let it sink
Have it all or sadly fall
Become above pure as love
Later should believe it could.


Shame me knowledge
Time wins aloft
Sweet sour wet
Stale row affinity
Faint cold disaster
Dread folded pain
Look scold rain
Sins favor wasted
Hold clever vision
High skies blue
Seek tame faith
Old grimes flower
Find most hatred
Prone sleek temper
Close past death
Heaven shy away


Every day is eternal and my heart beats infernal
Guide me thy the blue skies are shy
Tell me how happiness may grow and so shall it flow for as long as you help me row
Life bestows a slowly sinking boat
Might wanna quickly row for that oath
Care of the most important thing
Not only giving that forsaken ring

Day goes nights passes
Time plows life marches

Terrace of Clouds


I sat me down a chair
Dreamed away the sun
Found my inner peace
Claimed a distant dream
One about the heavens
I was in one of sevens
I spread the heat in air
The wind in peoples hair
Smell of thousand flowers
The water in all showers
Forgiving taste of food
The marble which you stood
I was the many colors
The nearly endless corridors
I were everything except of her
A dream reality couldn’t transfer
The clucking high heels
Stirring eyes she steals
Sun covered in a cloud
Woke up in its sudden shroud
Shroud of a nice blond girl
Who’s hair swung in a whirl
I gave her my salute
Answered by a smile so cute…

Enriched Quantum

Hear them whispers what em says
Both at nights and shiny days
Mind you all its ways
It ain’t forever we stays

Remain on those feets
Wander the many streets
For each mile have a smile
At every wall blow it all

Shan´t  judge heaven to hell
As not pleasing you well
For thy time comes
A world one becomes

Since thus have it matter
Keep it safe not to shatter
Being solid for beating
Until having us meeting

Painting by: Iluvrocks on deviantART