Monthly Archives: May 2015



The life beyond
Not far away
A destiny seeks
Time is a thief
Warm in heart
Cold on skin
Nobody see
Within thee

Upon each day
Hides a heart
Don’t steal all
Time have mercy
Let us out
Set us free
Have us forever!


Just had to write something about this great picture I took a while ago at a Zoo!

The Sun

The sun reminds me of you
A star in sight yet far away
It hurts to look at your beauty
You give me warmth and make me alive
Melt me like ice with just your sign
I could build a spaceship just to reach you
I could die just to give you a hug
You should know you don’t have to be alone
There is an infinity of space for us
You are the only sun in my universe


In sudden I appear
But not as one to fear
I’m a thought that you hear
A conscious of a dear
What I crush brings tear
A pillowed heart so near
One heavy burden to bear
But in times also cheer
Just to think it’s so clear
I’m the love that you wear

A Lost Piece

broken heart

As wishen me free
So glisten will be

Far heaven as blue
Were leaven in due

Not grown to brace
Will moan the space

Has lost a piece
The cost it lease

Shall drift in dreams
Too swift it seems