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The Custody of a Werewolf part 2

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One leap followed by another
A most glorious beast in the night
The silver gray hair became soaking wet
As rain whipped down with a biting force

Taunted by a distant smell of flesh
Grew a desperate murderous hunger
The inevitable instincts imprisoned me
Claws dug deeper in the mud for every step
With a taste of fear in the air
Dirt was sent blistering around in a quick stop             
The nose was triggered by scents nearby
Ears framed the direction and the hunt quickly escalated

Shortly on… a horse had its spine squeezed out in a most hollow squeak
A terrible bite punctured the throat and stole it’s breath
Forced through bones and ripped out the yet beating heart
Blood kept pumping out within the crushing jaws

The red oozed out freshly on the ground
A lightning swallowed everything
with a sudden glow
Rain cleaned and exposed the white collarbones like a smile in the dark
And a joyful howl faded in the valley…