Livets ros

Bliv älskad varde du kärlighet
Bör som fröet tryggheten gro
Helgat vår rosens röda lyster
Främjad av brisens tjusande dans
Skönjas här dofternas ljuvliga storm
Korad med solens strålande ljus
I skygghet vilar skuggornas vals
Gagnad med himlavalvets närvaro
Därom grönskans lekfulla glans
Havets vågor som frälsar till ro
Sålunda värmens svepande famn
Likt träden en knarrens rysning
Stjärnor tindras i bergens toppar
Vindarna viskar ett sagolands rike
Unna dig livets gåvorika blomma

Grief the way you are

They who says you suck

Days you’re out of luck

Dance the sadly rain

Fountain of dirty pain

Living the corners street

Passing with turning feet

Choosly nothing of all the things 

Hear what a most heartless sings

An echo of emptiness stalls

As the hatred night it falls

Nor the fate to reach a hand

In the shadows yet I stand

God bless for the devil I meet

The darkness I mustly beat


Hey! see I´m flying!
Yeah, don´t you see?
-No I don´t?
Oh come on can´t you even pretend?
-Well sorry…

Let only imagination be your limits…

My mind a words piñata

Within a river reflects the sky
Along green grass so widely high
Dancing flowers close nearby
Sings a lonely birdly cry

Trees are whisping this to thee
How grown an ego human be
Using much like honey bee
Not a hint of wisdom see

Pale a moon o’ breezy night
Beauty peaceful heaven sight
Granting earth light at night
A yet so greedy human fight

Tardly hours every day
As far as bad n’ weirdly say
Bringing damned as it may
A graspy thought mildly play

Stone shivers walking feets
A strongest kind of all the streets
High of friction to all it meets
Yet so fearless thrown by peeps

Beaten deaf by all the bass
As a life built in glass
Everyday such crushed mass
Torn by all the tools it has

Moments never passly by
Nor the world around to fly
Darn so strong and barely cry
Sings a lonely birdly lie

Hemisphere of love and memories

My hearts hemisphere
You are along me there
Warm and safe forever
Most eternal memory ever
Etched in hearts of mountains
With the tears from fountains
Hear as tho I miss you mostly
I will still have you closely
Frozen in your every embrace
Such as your elderly grace
Going on another path from living
Many beating hearts you were giving
So let them be watched over now
Until next time grand mother… ciao!



The life beyond
Not far away
A destiny seeks
Time is a thief
Warm in heart
Cold on skin
Nobody see
Within thee

Upon each day
Hides a heart
Don’t steal all
Time have mercy
Let us out
Set us free
Have us forever!


Just had to write something about this great picture I took a while ago at a Zoo!

The Sun

The sun reminds me of you
A star in sight yet far away
It hurts to look at your beauty
You give me warmth and make me alive
Melt me like ice with just your sign
I could build a spaceship just to reach you
I could die just to give you a hug
You should know you don’t have to be alone
There is an infinity of space for us
You are the only sun in my universe


In sudden I appear
But not as one to fear
I’m a thought that you hear
A conscious of a dear
What I crush brings tear
A pillowed heart so near
One heavy burden to bear
But in times also cheer
Just to think it’s so clear
I’m the love that you wear

A Lost Piece

broken heart

As wishen me free
So glisten will be

Far heaven as blue
Were leaven in due

Not grown to brace
Will moan the space

Has lost a piece
The cost it lease

Shall drift in dreams
Too swift it seems


I dream blue skies
Green wide opens
Colors of flowers
Animals so free
Rivers of water
Birds lovely singing
Windy trees dancing
Smells of summer
Embrace of sunshine
Feeling of happiness
In my dream there is also you
At the shallow end of a valley
Waiting for me to take your hand
But every time I’m near I wake up
There was only a dream
We all wish em to become truth
Thus far I like to sleep tight
Every single night…

*Featured image by jeacn – Deviantart